We have a legacy of 50 years of imparting education in the field of Homoeopathy & patient care.

Most of our alumni are leading Homoeopathic practitioners notonly in the state but all over India. Many of them have contributed in upliftment of Homoeopathy by workingon the posts which are administrative & even political in the state of Maharashtra. Majority of them are now leaders in the field of Homoeopathy & are working as Principals & teachers of various reputed Homoeopathic colleges. These practitioners are the becon for neophyte physicians who can propagate Homoeopathic practise & even research. To be proud of few of them are –
Dr. RajaniIndulkar, Dr. ShobhaBacchav, Dr. SunilduttaChoudhary, Dr. LeenaChatre, Dr. Dharmendra Sharma & list is endless. Dr. Rajesh Anand is one of them who is also our alumni & board member of our management.

Alumni is the backbone for the progress of the institute.